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Enjoy delicious platters, delivered to your desk

Orders to be sent to [email protected] 24 hours before delivery time. 

Direct delivery available weekdays in Camden, Victoria, Kings Cross and Dalston, within 0.5 miles of the restaurant.

Minimum order value of £100 to qualify for direct delivery. For smaller orders or further away deliveries, please order via our delivery partner here


breakfast: available until 11am

biscoff porridge (g,sy) creamy gluten-free oats topped with biscoff. serves 9. £40

chocolate hazelnut porridge (n): creamy gluten-free oats topped with chocolate sauce and hazelnut praline. serves 9. £40

pb&j porridge (p,n): creamy gluten-free oats topped with berry compote, peanut butter and crushed peanuts, serves 9. £40

mixed porridge platter (p,n,sy,g): an assortment of chocolate, biscoff and pb&j pots. serves 9. £40

brunch: available until 3pm

spicy v'egg mayo focaccia (g,sy,c,m,s): thick homemade focaccia sandwich, filled with spicy v'egg mayo and smoked chipotle glaze. serves 6. £40

guacamole-pea foccacia (g,m,s): thick homemade focaccia sandwich, filled with smashed avocado & pea with lime. serves 6. £40

mascarpone roast pepper focaccia (g,sy): thick homemade focaccia sandwich, filled with marscarpone and roast pepper. serves 6. £45

mixed focaccia platter (g,sy,c,m,s): an assortment of v'egg, guacamole-pea and marscarpone roast pepper focaccia. £40


hummus selection (g,ss,p,n,sy,cm,s): creamy chickpea hummus, hummus & harissa, hummus & salsa macha, hummus & amba. serves 6. £42

chocolate chip cookie tray (g,sy): classic dark chocolate chip cookies, 10 cookies per tray. £20